About Down 2 Earth Musik

Established in 2014, Down 2 Earth Musik became a hub for the freshest sounds of the underground with a focus on drum and bass. Founded by producer and DJ Macky Gee, the label has become well-known for pushing the boundaries of popular dance music, through discovering new artists and guiding them through their careers.

Down 2 Earth Musik is dedicated to innovating bass-driven genres and embracing new styles from dubstep to breakbeat, this record label welcomes creative and genre-bending music. Therefore, the unwavering support for emerging talent is essential and a distinguished feature of the label – offering mentoring and collaborative opportunities. The label also accommodates well-established artists in the scene such as Mollie Collins, Primate, DJ Phantasy and many more. Over the years, D2E Musik has accommodated a wide variety of releases including classics from Macky Gee and MC Skibadee which have flourished across the dance music scene.

The label also partakes in many events, on and offline, to foster a community of those who have a passion for all forms of dance music and underground culture. Immersive experiences such as these provide a space to connect fans to their favourite artists, sculpting the feeling of unity that extends beyond the music.  

Today, Down 2 Earth Musik remains a beacon for those seeking ground-breaking sounds, characterised by intricate rhythms, deep basslines and experimental sound design. Using an open-minded approach to genre exploration along with in-depth, expert knowledge around bass music, the label continues to shape the future of heavy jump up, liquid, breakbeats and many more genres to come.

Latest Releases